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Ensuring your recruitment business is compliant from the start and continuing to keep on top of legislation is very important. Enforcing regulation will help you detect and prevent violations of rules, protecting your business.


In summary, AWR's goal is to prevent the exploitation of vulnerable temporary workers and ensure that, after 12 weeks of service, they have the same fundamental employment terms as their permanent employees.


IR35 is intended to identify 'disguised workers,' also known as 'deemed employees.'


Employment legislation in the United Kingdom is intended to protect both employees and employers. This will outline all of the important employment laws in the United Kingdom, focusing on employee rights.

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Construction Industry Scheme Self-Employment solution for contractors requiring to operate as self-employed subcontractors.


Certain regulations are imposed on employment agencies and businesses in order to preserve workers' rights. 


Organisations collecting EU resident personal data must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. (GDPR.) GDPR is a law aimed at enhancing the privacy rights of individuals and protecting their personal information.


The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is an independent body tasked with upholding information rights in the public interest, encouraging public openness entities and data privacy for individuals. 

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