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Business insurance refers to various types of coverage meant to safeguard your company when things go wrong. Here we talk about the different Insurance policies that you must have or should consider.

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Business insurance is a broad phrase that refers to a variety of policies that protect your organisation against financial damage. This might be due to property damage, theft of goods or equipment, or legal fees incurred as a result of injury to your employees or members of the general public.


Professional indemnity insurance compensates your legal and compensatory costs when your client has brought an action against you for an error you made in supplying your client with professional services, consultancy or designs.


In case of a malicious cyberattack on your computer systems and your data, cyber insurance, also known as cyber liability insurance, protects your company.


In the case of an occurrence that causes injury or damage to property, Public Liability Insurance covers the costs of claims filed by members of the public or external stakeholders. It is intended to safeguard your company from damages from:

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The insurance of legal expenses can protect you from various legal charges, including contractual litigation (including debts due by your clients), tax enquiries (including IR35) and labour disputes with former staff.


Vicarious liability occurs when one person is deemed partially liable for the unlawful conduct of a third party. The third party has its own portion of the obligation as well. 


Accidents might occur to personnel in the course of your business activity. As an employer, you should guarantee that you’re covered in the event of a claim arising from an accident sustained while on the job.


It’s a general misunderstanding that limited company directors and executives are not personally responsible for their business. In actuality, even if their acts were carried out with the best intentions, they may account for bad choices, maladministration and other infringements of the Companies Act.


Drivers negligence insurance is an additional policy to a recruitment agency’s public Liability Insurance or Professional Liability section for a driver whom a recruitment agency hires.

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